We exist in a field of energy. We are energy and we continually explore, grow, yield into and awaken in this constant exchange in the field.

The field is the swim of energy that encompasses us and our world. It is both the seen and the unseen. It is the enlivening essence that allows us to animate and exist.

This energetic field is organised by layers and systems that create our reality. The different energetic layers provide different levels of information for each person and are used as a filtering system, a holding pattern and are essential in how we construct and utilise our energy. These layers have universal components but also are deeply personal to each person.

These fields can hold traumas, relationship patterns, beliefs; in fact, it is a macro and micro composition of your world. Within yourself and this field the entire universe sits. We are our own complete universe.


It is these fields that hold aspects of our deepest self. Kinesiology and energy mapping invites you in to learn more about yourself, and to help bring in positive change. Book your session today.

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