Workshops are a great way to gain tools for your own journey. The growing list of workshops aim to provide practical and effective tips and techniques to clear blocks, create understanding and to connect your body and mind.

Energy 101

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to change your energy to enhance your life?

Are you interested in mindfulness and how to modulate your energy?

Do you want to be less reactive and more calm? When you understand your energy, life changes.

Energy 101 is a fresh way of learning about your body, mind, and spirit. It gives you tools to monitor and change your energy dynamics to be able to choose how you want to respond to life.

Energy exploration gives you the tools to connect to your energetic knowing and intuition to create calm and flow in your life.

Explore your Energetic Patterns - Stepping Within

This is a workshop that allows you to learn about your chakras, meridians, and energetic processing. It links mind, body, and spirit to support you to thrive in life.

This is essential for anyone who is determined to flourish in life and wants to make changes to how they react and process. It is uplevelling of the next kind. You have all you need to succeed within you – this helps you to utilise it.

Workshop Benefits

Energy 101

Expand your ability to use your intuitive gifts. Find out how to use your intituion to learn about your chakras and meridian flows.

Learn how to tune into your bodies wisdom and follow helpful guidance. Learn about energy, how to read it, how to cultivate it, and how to share this with your loved ones. Learn about your intutitive style, explore old methods, and bring your spiritual self to life.

Explore Your Energy Patterns

Learn how to change hidden beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you. Have you wanted to make changes in your life, but have not known how to do this? Work out the key steps you need to take and find ways to make those changes happen.

Choose thoughts that support your values and vision for your life. Learn how to embed these for meaningful change.

Abundance Kick Starter

Abundance is here for all to claim but it can feel that it is more difficult.

Our Abundance Kickstarter Workshop brings practical tips in to manage your money. It bridges your financial savvy self with your spiritual self. It aligns these aspects of yourself to create a meaningful, abundant, and compassionate self that flourishes in life. Learn how to do this with flow.

Nourishing You

This workshops allows us to explore the gifts of our bodies and to embace our feminine nature. It works from where we are and allows us to lean into self love.

We continually explore who we are and our body provides a way for us to know ourselves. When we lean in, nourish ourselves, and tune into our needs, we can begin to see the gifts in our body and to honour them with deep care.

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