The start of the year allows us to bring a new flavour into our world. We can decide and redefine how we want to show up and make things different. We can control the energy that we activate and own.

When we set our values and our intentions for our life we begin to construct energy to build our lives.

We can set a pact to invite all of our essential parts in. Perhaps there are parts that are scared, unsure or reluctant to do the very things we want in our lives. Our courageous self can steady us and our confident self to take centre stage and we can honour our parts and change how they show up.

We can dream in new parts of ourselves. Life asks us to explore, know, allow, surrender and invite in new experiences. Can you dare to show up different? When we can withstand the reactions of others who do not know how to receive the new us we free energy to create and manifest our joy filled life.

When we gather, we create ancient lines of connection and tease open eons of sacred work. Gathering has often been the path of the feminine. Throughout time we have gathered and mended, tended and toiled. We have ancient knowledge and it calls to us. We can link to this and use it to our advantage.

Intuitive work can do this. Your inner world is worth exploring. You can be the hero in your own story.


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