Is Kinesiology For You?

Kinesiology is a tool to explore who you are and connect to your wellbeing.  

Kinesiology is able to help you: 

Learn about your energy fields 

Understand your emotions and their impact

Connects and honour your mind body connection

Open your intuitive knowing 

Help you clear blockages and open to a new way of operating

Give you energy hacks to change, release, and open energies. 

Become attuned to your needs, goals and take productive steps to achieve them. 

Look holistically at who you are, what you need and what could be stopping you from moving forward.

How Many Sessions will I need?

Kinesiology works best as a way of supporting the body. This is best done through regular and supportive sessions.  While an individual session can be helpful at addressing a concern or issue, there is great value in providing yourself with guided, healing support.  

Holistic healing looks at patterns that Kinesiology can bring awareness to even after one session. Each person is unique and how they respond is just as personal.

The body mind requires time to connect and to relay its story.  Providing some structure around this can help the process be more organic and gentle.Often 3 sessions provide essential time for the deeper aspects of an issue or circumstance to come to the surface.  Kinesiology aims to provide you with tools and techniques to take a different and involved approach in your own healing. 


Online Kinesiology sessions - Or in person. What's the difference ?

Both types of kinesiology sessions invite you to deepen your connection to yourself. The sessions support your connection to your innate wisdom and healing capabilities.  They invite you to, understand your energetic field, identify challenging patterns of behaviour and make changes in your life to support inner calm, ease and flow. 

 Energy is not dependent on locations so we also have the opportunity to use distance energy techniques to provide support for people who are not physically present.  

  In this current time, this is becoming an increasingly popular option.  An online session will suit you, if you are time poor, want a session when it suits you and if you are wanting to be supported in the comfort of your own home. An in session balance will provide you with the attuned presence and gift of gentle and guided physical support. 


 What can I expect? 

 After taking a current history and check in we will outline goals and set them for the session. The session then uses a mixture of safe space holding, intuitive guidance and muscle testing to clarify and clear blockages.  You play a role in holding points, practicing energetic techniques and feeling into your body mind connection. Online sessions allow your energetic field to support you, it assists you to share what is happening in your mind/body and to help it become your greatest tool for change.

A balance in clinic will provide the opportunity for you to physically experience the support of acupressure points, sacred holding points and other physical supports such as flower essences and essential oils. 

Service Features

Kinesiology sessions


Kinesiology helps you reclaim your inner direction and confidence.  Imagine being supported in the midst of challenges. To find your the truth and to be able to express it.  Kinesiology helps you to learn skills to support yourself energetically. Kinesiology assists you to check your energy flow, challenging old outdated thinking and to deepen your connection to your intuitive field.


Kinesiology sessions provide you with a baseline understanding of how you process in life.  You will  be able to understand why you do what you do and why things have been hard to change up until now. Here you gain support to identify energetic patterns, habits and behaviours that are impacting on your ability to truly come alive in the world and to change them. 

Abundance Kick Starter

This blend of online kinesiology support and home exploration invites you to identify key money patterns, areas requiring support and ways to bring heart and soul together to manifest and enjoy abundance.  This invites you to identify your patterns of behaviour and then make personal changes to anchor abundance in your life.

Intuition awakener

Kinesiology can be used to link to your mind body connection and to open up your intuitive pathways.

Your intuitive system is your inner guidance points that allow us to move forward in life with flow and ease.  When we can access our inner knowing with ease we can make great choices, move though life with ease and connect to deeper our purpose. 

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