The ability to relax

Relax means to set free, soften or reduce to open stretch out and widen again.  Our ability to relax is a skill that needs to be facilitated if you want to have a peaceful and harmonious life.  Relax invites you to make loose, the parts that have become compacted and retracted within your being. It takes courage to loosen and relax into yourself. Your density able to be defined by your flow, not your lack. Relaxing has now become a skill that we need to learn and often relearn. To be willing to stretch out into your life with a loosening of the embodied mind that your body holds so firmly. 

Relaxing changes your brain chemistry. It invites an opening in your field for life to land differently.  When you relax you set your self free from the life you have and feel into the life that is asking to join you. Relaxing merges the busy with the soul. It is a place to bridge the parts of self that sit on opposite sides. Relaxing, like any art has its rules.  It can be encouraged by the mind, but then needs to be governed by the body.  The body rules here. It drinks deeply from the gift of the pause and the slowing of ones rhythm. So widen into your life. Allow the self that is tight and wound to lengthen and widen. 

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