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What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology accesses a bio system through a system of muscle feedback loops. These systems access the subconscious brain. Indicator muscles and their responses can highlight areas of stress and identify ways to bring back balance in the body.

Kinesiology does not prescribe, diagnose or treat any medical conditions or named diseases. It blends Eastern medicine, anatomy and physiology and Quantum physics into an energetic science.

Kinesiology supports and respects the body, making it a useful tool for many. It clears energetic blockages that are impacting on your wellbeing.

It holds a premise that the body has an innate wisdom and way of healing that can be accessed and utilised to promote wellbeing.

We undertake what is often called a balance – to identify imbalances in the bodies biocomputer and to resolve them. This resolution may include structural, emotional, nutritional or even spiritual tools.


What does a Kinesiolgist Do?

Experienced kinesiologists are trained to identify the flow of Chi- or energy in the body and to access and modify it.

When this bio feedback system is under stress, we can see the bodies expression of this in physical pains and illness, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, learning problems, foggy thinking and digestive and nervous problems.


Is Kinesiology For Me?

Are you searching for some answers – for life to feel differently?

Are you tired of feeling the hurt, the hardness, and discontent?

Do you want to:

  • Have your feelings be validated and heard?
  • Learn how to observe and change your patterns so you can move forward in life?
  • Learn energy techniques to change your reactions and be happier?
  • Release old ways of thinking and see things positively?
  • Have the courage to walk your own path?
  • Learn to limit your fear of others reaction
  • Learn how to manage criticism and shine your light in the world?
  • Have help to identify where you are at and how to make life changes?

What to Expect In A Session:

A balance is a collaborative process with that empowers people to learn how to make their own changes. It uses a range of soul and heart based techniques to assist you to bring awareness and change to your life…

These heart based tools include, kinesiology balancing techniques, energy processes, essences, chakra healing and mindfulness..

Mindfulness underpins everything that we do together in the session. We learn how to track and witness patterns of behaviour that can diminish your full expression of life and transform them to helpful and vibrant life choices.


Why these techniques?


The techniques used are powerful and gentle in their application. These techniques are specifically designed to balance and calm the subltle energies of the body.  They unite ancient and modern techniques for wellbeing.

What techniques are used?

Some come from traditional Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology and other energy healing methods.

Examples of techniques include:

    • Flower essences
    • Neuro lymphatic points
    • Neuro-vasculars
    • Meridian tracing and balancing
    • Thought reframing
    • Vagus nerve energetic support
    • Relaxation and visualisation
    • Chakra balancing
    • Brain integration techniques
    • Kinesiology protocols
    • Energetic field corrections
    • Emotional stress release
    • Reiki
    • Crystal healing
    • Acupressure points

Kinesiology Sessions

Kinesiology can be a wonderful tool  which can be used to gain clarity on an issue. They can help you tune into the body-mind connection and to find the energetic cause of imbalances and issues.

Kinesiology helps you find stress patterns that can be impacting on your life and wellbeing.

These sessions utilise all the skills and tools that your body outlines to come back to calm and flow.

Growth Bundle

Committed to your growth? Want to prove to yourself you will stick with change? A growth bundle is the option that laser focuses on an issue over a number of sessions and allows your body to bring it to the surface.

Our body has infinite wisdom and often needs time and trust to unveil things to us to invite the deeper parts of issues to gently come to the surface.

This exploration in a number of contexts allows you to get the most out of the bundle.

Workshops and Courses

Melinda runs a number of workshops and online courses which are a fun, engaging way to learn about energy healing principles. These provide easy to use tools to help you to deal stress and change.

These workshops are run at Luna and Co- A Collective in Toukley.

Melinda also has a growing number of courses which are also available for purchase online.

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