Dr Dan Siegel outlines that we have a system in our body called the interoreceptive system that allow us to connect with our inner world. It is this system that allows us to use our visceral felt sense to make actual sense of our experiences. It changes and impacts our relationship to ourselves and others.

This system that can be worked with and honed so that we can deeply know our somatic truth. When used, a doorway that bridges our known and cognitive world to the deeper mysteries. When opened, it allows us to enter into the knowing of our bodies, hearts and essence. Working with this brings insight, connection, flow and ease.

We use this each day when we listen to our body signals, ask ourselves how we feel, and provide ourselves with enough time and space to actually and authentically feel it.

Without a functioning link between the body and our minds, we can set intentions, have big dreams and set goals but we can miss the mark because our internal flow is cut off, unregulated or not aligned effectively.

Do something for yourself today. Sit, feel into the heart, feel into the body and feel into the belly. Allow yourself to experience sensations without attempting to judge them.

Attentional witnessing to your micro experiences will change your connection to yourself. Are you ready to do something different?


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