When we give up the fight against our own flaws and flesh and stop seeing ourselves as the enemy, we begin to clam our field.

Our angst, heartbreak, and longings for another body part or life dismember our spirit.

We amputate ourselves in sacrificial thinking and deliver ourselves to others in a minimised and desecrated form.

When you make a choice to stop the fight to no longer wage a silent war against yourself, you can then breath. No one can thrive, expand and express beauty when she fears annihilation.

As women, we are so used to our bodies being broken into parts. We are our lips our breasts or our bellies. We load our flaws and luscious parts with shame and self hatred. We robe ourselves in discontent and wonder why our clothes feel so tight and constrictive. Our thoughts cloak us and serve to dress up our shame instead of diminish it .

A fight has energy and heat to it. It stirs and lashes and often wounds in its wake. So choose now to invite peace. Peace is gracious in its placement. It expands life and makes place for all. It moves the settings so everyone has an equal and valued place at the table.

Peace soothes the mind and allows the heart its esteemed place.

So pull peace over your mind and into your heart and drape it lovingly over your body. Peace is a willing participant in your life. It radiates it’s presence in a sea of uncertainty and a history of scarred self love. Peace flows to the turmoil and the tortured parts with grace and thoroughness.

There is no place that peace can not go, there is only the places that you have not dared to invite it. When war is no longer a word that we dare to construct and invoke with our bodies, we will find a world desperate and oh so ready to join us.


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