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Are you ready for soulful self exploration?

Want to learn how to honour  and love your energy?   

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Kinesiology Sessions

Kinesiology can be a wonderful tool  which can be used to gain clarity on an issue. They can help you tune into the body-mind connection and to find the energetic cause of imbalances and issues.

Kinesiology helps you find stress patterns that can be impacting on your life and wellbeing.

These sessions utilise all the skills and tools that your body outlines to come back to calm and flow.

Growth Bundle

Committed to your growth? Want to prove to yourself you will stick with change? A growth bundle is the option that laser focuses on an issue over a number of sessions and allows your body to bring it to the surface.

Our body has infinite wisdom and  often needs time and trust to unveil things to us to  invite the deeper parts of issues to gently come to the surface.

This exploration in a number of contexts allows you to get the most out of the bundle.

Workshops and Courses

Melinda runs a number of workshops and online courses which are a fun, engaging way to learn about energy healing principles.  These provide easy to use tools to help you to deal stress and change. 

These workshops are run at Luna and Co- A Collective in Toukley.

 Melinda also has a growing number of courses which are also available for purchase online.

What People Are Saying

“The work that Melinda does blends energy and wisdom. It is a new way to look at the world!”


“I have had such amazing changes in my life. Melinda helps me find my way into my own knowing !”


“I am so grateful for the opportunity to do the work.  This helps me make the choices that I need to make and to move forward with ease!”


Dreaming things in

Dreaming things in

I don’t need to know how I will get something to dream it in.  I just have to be brave enough to dream in the big things.  Their size doesn't matter, only my heart and desire to know them does. We can all do with some help to identify our manifesting circuits and...

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We all know the value of affirmations. We have used them in our times of challenge and of gratitude. But affirmations are one of the simplest, and effective methods to change your energy in the present moment. I have affirmations that I use that I read and write to...

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When you decide, you cut the universe. You sever from other options and you allow things to manifest. It takes courage to decide. It tears and shears choices in the field. Have you decided to live your true life? Are you ready? Kinesiology helps you to remove the...

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Gathering all of Yourself Together

The start of the year allows us to bring a new flavour into our world. We can decide and redefine how we want to show up and make things different. We can control the energy that we activate and own. When we set our values and our intentions for our life we begin to...

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Working with your body

Working with your body

Dr Dan Siegel outlines that we have a system in our body called the interoreceptive system that allow us to connect with our inner world. It is this system that allows us to use our visceral felt sense to make actual sense of our...

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