There is a journey that occurs with awakening. There is a sensitivity that arises in your being. The things that you radiated to initially, things that you craved and gave you comfort then suddenly do not match. We learn how to modify the toxins, products foods and energies that we put into our bodies. We change our language, try different things and come to find a new frequency of being.

When we begin this modification, some processes happen. We can first alienate others who are not changing their ways. We see things as toxins instead of experiences and can judge others for their choices.

We also can, in the eliminating become highly sensitive to the world around us. We can be affected so deeply and completely by the food that we ingest, the places that we go and the energy that we encounter. We begin to feel the nuances of the field and the consequences of life as it lands powerfully in our field.

The journey then becomes one of a healthy re-entry into the world. It is one thing to be reactive and be aware of nuances, but if this sensitivity and awareness does not bring you joy, peace or comfort then we are making it hard.

There is a way to bring your discernment and preferences, your innate knowing and presence of being, into the world for all to see. You can make the choices most aligned to your wellness, without it sitting in deprivation and sacrifice.


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