Energy Mapping Package Sessions

Personal Growth Bundle

What this includes:

  • An initial 90-minute session to clarify your energy patterns, limiting beliefs, needs, and goals.
  • Subsequent Sessions – 2 fortnightly 60-minute sessions
  • Email support and guidance for the topic – some specific homework identified for you twice a week.
  • Final session –  One 60-minute dream session, gathering the changes, a dream session to drive you into the future.
  • Bonus Energy mini course – tips and tools to help you on your journey.

Investment – $600 

Energy Work with Children and Families


Growing a family requires us to be our best self and to access support to stay grounded, balanced, and connected to ourselves and our inner knowing.

Even with all of this, our little ones can benefit from some support to unravel their inner world and to help connect them to deeper to their hearts and minds. Children are responsive to energy work, they can learn how to calm themselves and use helpful techniques to open and to trust their own intuitive ways.

Melinda’s Services

Energy Work Online

Have you ever wondered about your chakras? Do you want to feel connected to yourself and able to trust your decisions? Is life feeling more challenging than you would like?

Energy work can assist you to witness your inner story and make the changes that you are being called to make. Are you ready to dive in and find out your unique gifts?

Child and Family Online Sessions

Do you want your child to feel confident in who they are? Are you wanting to parent differently than you were parented?

Energy work for children can assist them to build resilience, find their inner truth, and express their essence to others. Or, does your family need some support to break some patterns and to support one another to create harmony and flow?

Book in for your online session and feel the difference.

Energy 101

Energy 101 is my user friendly, step by step course where you learn about energy. Embrace your chakras, auric layers, and energetic patterns of defence and engagement to thrive in life.

Take control of your reactions, understand the world around you, and begin to live by your life on your terms. Work out how to enjoy life and navigate through challenging times with greater ease and calm.

Cultivating Wild Self-Care

Self care is our ability to love, honor, and value ourselves in our busy lives. Have you fallen away from your self care routines? Have you forgotten how to listen to  the callings of your deeper self?

This online package shares insights, wisdom, techniques, and energetic exercises to change your life. With gentle and steady focus, you are guided to deep self love through connection to your mind, heart, and body.

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